Day 5 – Week 2!

The appropriately-named Edna and the Beards.

It’s full speed ahead as the group enter their second week of the project. Continuing the work we started last week, we were working as quickly as ever as the inter-team competition starts to build. Today it was Team Pink (aka Edna and the Beards) who roared into the lead.

Quickly we were back to work on the questions we had started last week and progress was quick. Before lunch we had each completed our assigned questions, ready for testing.

The first round of testing was just within the team, so we could fix the obvious problems before showing our work to the other teams. Fairly quickly it became apparent that our questions were not going to be perfect in their first iteration as we each uncovered several bugs and other issues with each others’ questions. Several questions we found were marked correct simply if the question was inputted as the answer, oops!

Our elegant white board system – see if you can work out what it means!

We were keeping track of the testing using the conveniently placed white board in the room we were working in. Maybe that was why we were so productive!

The team rivalry didn’t prevent us helping each other out, many times we found ourselves calling on Rob for advice on fixing certain bugs with our questions.

Thanks Rob!

Of course Rob wasn’t the only one on hand helping, Jon and Nicola were around giving helpful advice as usual, and Jon was kind enough to install Maple on the PC I was using. Hopefully this will speed up progress even more.

Before the end of the day our team had completed the first round of testing, with several recommendations and fixes to be completed the next day. Whereas some other teams still had some questions to finish (not that we’re bragging or anything).

Before theIMG_0227 end of the day, the entire group were called upon by Prof. Gunn to help move some of the books no longer needed by the School of Mathematics to their new home in the Theory Group. Some of us took the opportunity to claim a few interesting books that would have otherwise left the University.

Before we sign off for the day, here’s the other two teams:

IMG_0211 IMG_0218

On the left we have Team Yellow (aka the Platyπ) and on the right Team Green (with one member mysteriously absent).


Thanks for reading today’s blog post. Ciao!


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