Day 6 – Internal Testing!

Tuesday morning saw Team Green a.k.a. The Knife Jugglers testing and optimising the feedback of our colleague Ben, who unfortunately will not join us this week. However, last week he did manage to write three questions on the divergence of vectors: Div1, Div2 and Div3.

Numbers work in mysterious ways.
Numbers work in mysterious ways.

Tuesday morning was not the best time for our team. We kept mixing up the three questions Ben had sent us because they had one number ordering in our xml file, another ordering in the zips Mike sent us, and yet another ordering after we imported them in Maple TA. So even though we might be able to juggle (imaginary) knives, we certainly cannot juggle small numbers. Such is life.

The most awesome door you'll ever see today.
The most awesome door you’ll ever see today.

On the brighter side of things, our pictures have arrived! The door to our office is now adorned with the marvelous photos of us, Nicola, Jon and the Theoretical Physics postgrads. Kudos to Helen for making us look so beautiful!

The internal testing from yesterday continued (progress!) and by the end of the day all teams were confident that we would be able to start external (a.k.a. destructive) testing very soon. We also got our new Maple TA Instructor accounts and this will make sharing questions among us really easy.

This is us before destructive testing.    This will be us before destructive testing.
This is us before destructive testing.                                  This will be us after destructive testing.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post because Wednesday is meeting day and we will get to say how awesome we are and how much more awesome we can get!

Dan, over and out.


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