Day 7 – Blood, Sweat and Mainly Tears

Wednesday saw the beginning, the middle, and the end of the first round of destructive testing. There were few survivors.

We began the morning full of hope that the question we had laboured over for days would amaze the other teams – “Wow”, they would say, “the Pink team’s questions are indestructible”, while we sat as halos slowing formed over our heads. By the afternoon all thoughts of divinity had evaporated and we were thrust down to earth while error after error appeared.

From the morning to the afternoon
From the morning to the afternoon

It wasn’t all bad though; we also got to see the same thing happen to the other teams.

By the time our meeting with Jon and Nicola came, we were actually beginning to pick ourselves up and write fixes for the issues. In fact we were so advanced with this they decided we would be able to handle another 60 questions. These ranged from the curiously named “Quantum Mechanics 2.5” to questions the Mathematics Department termed “Category One”. Hopefully it won’t be too Bohr-ing – otherwise we may have to Newton-y (mutiny.. geddit?).

On a serious note, it will be interesting to explore other topics and even other departments. We all look forward to spreading the gospel of Maple TA.


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