Day 8.00 – Day of the theory ghost

The aftermath of the destructive testing gave us many things to work on and a thorough rework of our questions began: most improvements were on randomization and appearance with a few more serious ones such as questions accepting answers they should not have. The main issues were fixed in the morning but they brought with them numerous small issues that took a lot longer to resolve.

The morning also brought with it  an appearance by the theory ghost who made his first visit to the blackboard at the head of the room. The ghost had previously only haunted the door at the back of the room which it opened periodically in complete disregard of Newton’s laws of motion, until the door was jammed shut by a particularly hefty text book.

Getting help from Jon
Getting help from Jon

After lunch we were still attempting to fix the cosmetic issues that had been generated by the fixes in the morning. Particularly troublesome were the extra decimal places that had appeared everywhere. After several hours I resorted to asking Jon and ended up using 3.00 new variables to change sin(9.00x) to sin(9x). Rob fixed a long standing issue with the grading of matrices and together with Jordan successfully created the repository code so that the grading code for all of the problems we have written could be stored in one file, this will be a great help for future problems. Other small issues persisted but eventual the questions were in ready for the 2nd round of destructive testing.

Nearing the end of the day Austin came in and showed us a video of Noel Edmunds discussing the negative effects of ‘electromagnetic smog’. We also had a vote to name the theory ghost, the candidates are: Boo, Mortimer, Agnes, Quentin, Fredrik, Jasper, and Boris. The result will be revealed in a later blog.

Noel Edmunds
Noel Edmunds

So having found a name for the new member of our team and having had our opinions of Noel Edmunds decreased significantly, we readied ourselves for a new round of destructive testing the following day.

-Mike C

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