Day 10 – A whole new week

A new week and new questionsIMG_0492. Everyone left behind last week’s Y2 maths questions  and started on a new list of questions (yay!). This list of questions comprised of more maths, Quantum Mechanics 2 and the ever mysteriously named Quantum Mechanics 2.5.

The maths questions were designed for use in class tests so formatting was strict. But the QM ones were for self teaching rather than test environment so they didn’t need to be as robust. Many also didn’t require much randomisation and some were even multiple choice so less work for us.

Jon started a list on the blackboard of problems to report back to maple which quickly got filled with bugs we had found and ideas we had had for improvement.

Jon with the blackboard
Jon with the blackboard
Group meeting with team yellow
Group meeting with team yellow

We encountered problems with using inequalities signs in the answer box as they were getting interpreted as HTML tags. The pressure rose due to the impending doom of tomorrow presentation where we will show Jon and Nicola what we have been up to for the last week.

theory ghost
Another visit from theory ghost Mortimer

Team green member Ben was not back yet but juggling master Greg was and we were all excited for  the lesson that had already been planed for tomorrow.


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