Day 12 and 13 – Meeting with Mechanical Engineering

Hello, everyone!

The end of the week saw our workload increase as we started meeting with other departments, which means we now have a wide range of exciting new projects to work on using Maple TA.

Wednesday morning started with a short training session from Jon on how to use MathApps. These are extremely useful tools for creating interactive resources that enable students to explore different mathematical and scientific topics. We have all been challenged to have a go at writing an example that can be adapted later on. 

Wednesday also saw our first visit to another department. Helen and Michael C. hiked over to Mechanical Engineering to meet with Dr Aziza Mahomed.  

Helen getting ready for the first meeting

Prior to our internship, some of the Theoretical Physics PhD students had written up some questions for Mech Eng class tests, which we went through. We agreed to optimize these and, in addition, adapt one of the tests to provide an example including randomization and feedback. This will give them an example of where some of the other features of MapleTA can be incorporated into class tests if desired.

The rest of the day and Thursday involved further writing and testing of Maths and Quantum Mechanics questions, as well as starting work for Mech Eng. In addition, Rob and Jordan were working on expanding the repository so that it meets all of our requirements. The repository is essentially a bank of grading code that can be used in all types of question. This has proved incredibly useful as it provides consistent marking and speeds up the question writing process.   

More to follow!

~Edna and Helen

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