Day 14 – Part I Meeting with the Maths Department…

Friday morning was a busy day for us since we had meetings with Maths and Metallurgy and Materials. 

Edna and Jordan together with Jon and Dr Nicola Wilkin met with Dr Dirk Hermans, from the Maths Department. After presenting the work  accomplished so far on the Maths questions, we discussed the improvements to both the student and instructor experience as well as the learning environment using Maple TA. Dr Hermans seemed pleased with all the possibilities that can be explored through both adaptive questions and assignments. 

 The meeting itself proved to be very useful to us as it provided us with an insight on the pedagogical side of the writing process. For instance, we have been dealing with writing feedback for matrices questions for a while but it had not crossed our minds that in order to avoid computational mistakes, it would be beneficial to minimize division as much as possible. We were also alerted to the need of looking for ways to create “nice” answers. One example of this would be to use upper/lower triangular matrices so that one can pick the properties in order to generate a nice matrix.

 The meeting left us with many different things to think about and some new options to explore. These include exploring the gradebook features and providing conditional feedback, all key elements in aiding at the learning experience. 


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