Day 14 – Part II …and Met&Mat

Meanwhile, Helen and Rob navigated their way to Met&Mat through the rain. Having figured out the building layout and located the office, we met with Dr Alessandro Mottura. He had a wide range of exciting (and potentially challenging) tasks for us to complete. 

The first of these involved creating a chemical element lookup table where students are given a random element and asked to input various properties. Rob has started some initial work on this.

The next task is to create randomized graphs for the Young’s Modulus, where the student is asked to read values off the graph or calculate different quantities using the gradient.

The final task is to find a way for students to identify planes in a simple cubic lattice from a given randomized diagram. The challenge here is to find a nice way to make MapleTA generate the images required in the question.

These may give us an opportunity to explore MathApps in the near future, by means of creating interactive simulations!


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