Days 15,16 & 17 – Meeting with Chemistry

We’re back! These past few days have certainly been productive in terms of question writing. We’ve started working on Maths tutorials for Mechanical Engineering and things are going smoothly. We’ve also continued working on Maths questions and most of them are ready for testing!

This Wednesday Edna and Helen and I met with Dr. Sarah Horswell to discuss about implementing Maple TA in the School of Chemistry. We were delighted to hear that most of the types of questions she told us about could be implemented in Maple TA and possibly even be improved. She also gave us good tips on designing multiple choice questions in order to make the students pay close attention to what is being expected from them (for example, check if they forget to convert degrees Celsius to Kelvin).

It seems that the key features for  Chemistry will be adaptive questions and MathApps. The former should be designed mainly to give adaptive feedback and let the students know about the mistakes they are making as accurately as possible. Again, the team will be investigating the implementation of conditional feedback. The latter have great potential in creating interactive environments such as functions which depend on parameters whose values we can vary freely.

imageToday, we also had a general meeting where we presented our progress to Jon and Nicola. The main topics included setting up deadlines for the things we’re working on at the moment, work on individual projects on topics we suggested when applying for the internship, investigating the possiblity of identifying questions which could be useful to more than one department (and setting up an infrastructure for that) and, last but not least, making our efforts known to the general public towards the end of the internship.

imageIn the upcoming days we’ll start testing the questions we’ve written these past few days. That should keep us busy for a while, but fortunately we’ll also get some MathApps up and running!

Dan, over and out.


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