Day 20 & 21 – Meeting with Chemistry II

Hello, everyone!

Meeting with Dr Ian Shannon, from the School of Chemistry

Our week started with a second meeting with the School of Chemistry. This time Dan and I met with Dr Ian Shannon to discuss where Maple TA could be used to supplement the teaching delivery within Chemistry.

We were given two distinct projects both concerning experiments, which was quite exciting given that we had not yet extended Maple TA to this type of tasks!

Our first job consists on setting up an error analysis worksheet. The team agreed that this quite fit within the Maple TA framework and was a natural extension of work that had already been undertaken. What is more, it could potentially be generalized and extended to other subjects, where lab work plays an important role!

The second task we were assigned  brought up some interesting challenges which we are very keen to explore, e.g. Input of student data, and validating it against experimentally reasonable values, just to name a few. We shall endeavor to pilot this and will keep you updated on our progress!

As for the rest of the team, while Dan and I were at the meeting, they have managed to come to grips with writing MathApps!  Meanwhile, Jordan and Rob continued expanding our repository and Ben has joined them on this quest!  As a consequence, we now have grading code that is tailored to the maths required in each question!

Tuesday saw another round of testing as well as some MathApp writing. On the afternoon, all of us met individually with Nicola for a brief chat about the project.

That is all for now.


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