Days 24, 25 and 26 – The Question Bank Expands…

Friday morning marked the start of a day of many meetings (with Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering and Chemistry) as well as other activities including stress testing of the Maple TA systems and continuing to write and test questions for a variety of disciplines across the College of EPS.

Jordan and Rob preparing for stress testing of Maple TA.

The meeting with Computer Science focused mainly on converting questions from their Mathematical Techniques for Computer Science module into Maple TA, as well as discussions about the capabilities of Maple TA and the Maple engine. Other topics brought up included the use of the repository developed by Rob and Jordan as well as introducing Maple TA questions for other modules within the School of Computer Science – with an emphasis on a course on Logic.

Meanwhile, Rob and Mike C were attending a meeting with Mechanical Engineering to fix some of the issues that they had encountered with the tutorial sheet questions we had written so far – most of the problems/bugs were able to be reproduced and fixed, however a few were not and so any potential fixes had to be delayed until a later date.

Another meeting happened on Friday with Chemistry, in this talk Edna and Dan presented the Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution Maple MathApp they had been working on to Sarah, the School of Chemistry representative. This app was well received along with the adaptive question features showcased at the meeting.

After the successful meetings, the rest of the day was spent on continuing (or, some cases, starting) to write the Maple TA questions required by Mechanical Engineering, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science, Metallurgy and Materials as well as some questions for our own School, Physics and Astronomy. This marked the end of a busy week in which everyone was ready for a well-deserved bank-holiday weekend!

The to-do list board grows…

At the start of this week, work continued on finishing off the Mechanical Engineering tutorial questions and I began allocating Computer Science questions to translate to Maple TA. The rest of the week will be dedicated to completing current questions being worked on and starting new batches of questions such as recently received requests for Nuclear Engineering and Electrical Engineering.

To allow for a break from writing questions, we attended a “Journal Talk” within the Theory department by one of the PhD students whilst eating cake!

A break with cake!


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