Day 27 & 28 – An unexpected visit!

Hello, everyone!

Time flies when you are having fun and those past two days were no exception!

The team has finished testing all the questions written for the School of Mechanical Engineering! Now that MechEng is out of the way, it is time to combine efforts to prepare a proof of concept demo for Computer Science.

In order to plan the weeks ahead and manage the workload, a general meeting has also taken place with Nicola. There will be more meetings happening in the next week with the various departments across college as everyone seems to be quite enthusiastic about investigating the possibility of deploying Maple TA in diverse subjects!

The most exciting event of the week, by far, was  the visit from Lora Morris, the College Head of HR! The team gave her an impromptu overview of the project.

Lora said :

I was really impressed with the hive of activity and level of enthusiasm for the project; the interns were clear that the project had the potential to make a real difference to staff and students in the future as the technology is rolled out across the College.  They are in the vanguard of best practice in this area.

This has clearly left the team even more motivated and we are looking forward to the upcoming days!


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