Days 29-31 Student Testing & things

Tuesday was the first day we had Physics undergraduates from outside the team coming in to test questions and go through the “student experience” of Maple TA, so we had a challenge on our hands in getting everything working perfectly. Thankfully we got a good cross-section of questions working in time for the outsiders.

On Wednesday we had another set of talks from the PhD students about their work on phase transitions. This was very interesting and almost exclusively dealt with physics that none of us knew anything about. Afterwards we had an opportunity to chat with them about what it’s like to do a PhD at Birmingham. There seemed to be a consensus among the team that this was incredibly useful and probably should be available for all Undergraduate students at the end of Year 3.

We’re starting to see the workload decrease as we focus more on refining and rigorously checking over everything we’ve written so far. It’s also looking like all the code and questions we’ve written will be polished and working perfectly by the end of next week. Now for the important matter of writing all the publicity to do with the project!



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