Day 32 & 33 – Completionists

At the end of the penultimate week, the maple TA team focused on finishing up the tasks that had been given to us from the other departments across uni. Our projects in Electrical Engineering, Maths, Nuclear Engineering and within Physics are all very close to completion. Projects within the department (Quantum, Radiation & Relativity, Stats) are making good progress too, but at a lower priority: external affairs needed to be dealt with first.


A small team visited Martin Long to see what he thought of the revision questions that had been written for year 1; maths for physicists. Martin said he was very pleased with the result and said he was a ‘happy bunny’!

On the Friday, another group spoke to Dirk Hermans about how some of the problems seen in some of his questions for Maths students had been circumvented. We spoke about the next steps such how the questions would be stored and accessed by students.

The team working on the repository released a little surprise! A chrome extension which would assist in writing questions. It contains tools which could: re-size question boxes, add an auto preview and provides info about the different grading functions.

I’ve worked on a frequently-asked-questions document, containing a list of problems and fixes that the team came across when writing questions. They should be especially helpful for those who will start writing their own questions after our placement ends.

Just 1 week left!
Mike W.

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