Day 34-40 A visit from MapleSoft and meetings

Hello, everyone!

Our last week was pretty busy!

On Tuesday the team received the visit of Michael Pisapia, VP Europe at Maplesoft and Aron Pasieka, who presented their most recent project Mobius, an online course environment that includes all the key features of Maple TA – natural math notation, visualizations, assessment tools, etc. Over lunch, the team also had the opportunity to showcase some of the questions we have written as well as reporting on our experience as Maple TA question authors – Aron even gave us some hacks! Overall, this was an extremely enjoyable session.

On Friday, the team met with Professor Kai Bongs, Head of the Cold Atoms Group. He was interested to hear how we felt about independent projects and interest in possibly setting up our own spin-off companies had changed over the internship. It was great to be able to discuss collectively our initial motivations in accepting the intership, and what we feel we have got from it.

We also met with Dr Steve Quigley, EPS Director of Education to discuss the project and its outcomes. Steve seemed impressed and confident that the project has potential to have a significant impact in the student learning experience across college.

The day saw an end with a Maple TA Team Curry Night!

IMG_1709 IMG_1707



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