Day 22 & 23 – Meetings, Meetings and More Meetings

It was by Wednesday that we realised that this week would be characterised by meetings – lots of them. However, Wednesday itself was a quiet start as most of the team continued to work on tasks that had already been started.

Edna and George started to explore the full capabilities of Maple TA’s grade book. They created some sample assignments and we each had a go so that we could simulate a class of students attempting some revision questions, to see what it looks like when a teacher views these attempts.

Later, Greg announced that we would be heading outside to do some more juggling and that he would be assigning us some very serious and definitely not made up levels. I managed to achieve level 4 and a half, although Jordan was well in the lead in the lofty heights of level 13.

On Thursday the meetings started to increase in frequency, as we met with two members of staff within the Theory Group about some Physics modules. Jordan, George and I met with Dr Rob Smith to discuss writing questions for the 3rd year Radiation and Relativity module. Additionally George, Mi and Dan met with Dr Martin Long to discuss the 1st year Maths for Physicists module.

Although the meetings were fairly brief, we each left with a clear idea of what our next step was. For Dr Long, we will be sending some appropriate questions that already exist within Maple TA to give him an idea of what the system can do. For Dr Smith we will be some converting multiple-choice questions from STACK and investigate the writing of some exam-style questions to supplement them.

Friday will be a hectic day as we have meetings scheduled with Mechanical Engineering, Chemistry and a new department – Computer Science.

Ciao for now!


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