Days 18&19 – We’re halfway there (but goodbye from Helen)!

The end of the week brought about a whole new wave of testing with questions for Maths and Mech Eng forming the bulk of the work. Fortunately, on this occasion most of the changes that had to be made were relatively small. This is probably mostly due to us being better at writing questions, and the very useful question repository!

image image

Friday was exciting because we sent off our first round of questions to another department. 4 class tests were delivered to Mech Eng, along with a set of sample questions including randomization and feedback. These were mostly developed by Helen and Mike C.

Dan has spent the day creating a MathApp to model the Boltzmann distribution for Chemistry. It allows students to change various parameters and see the effect on the distribution. It also shows the RMS speed, average speed and most probable speed. (Latest status: it’s working!)

Today is my last day because I’m going away from next week. It’s safe to say I’m not going to miss getting up really early (well, 6 a.m – it’s early to me!) to commute to Birmingham.

To do list – it seems to be getting shorter!

I’ve really enjoyed having the opportunity to work as part of a fun and enthusiastic team creating resources that will hopefully make a real difference to the learning experience of students throughout the College.

Good luck with the rest of the project guys, I’ll be keeping an eye on the blog!

~ Helen

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